I have always loved fashion, and I feel a bit redundant repeating this in my posts. Of course I do, with the blog and all. However, I feel sometimes I don't fit this mold of the "fashion blogger".
I have never been ashamed about my size. It's always been like this, I'm big and I've learnt to accept it. However, it does get to me sometimes. My size has always been a factor in whether or not I do something. I feel ashamed that I'm not skinny like all my friends, and it makes me feel horrific. I feel like an outcast sometimes. In the moment I'll feel fantastic and confident. But at the end of the night, when I've looked at the photos of the night, it gets to me. All my perfect skinny friends smiling and pretty and there I am, looking like a heffalump (dressed fabulously, of course). It makes me wonder how other people perceive me. Do they think the way I do? Or do they see a completely different person than what I'm trying to portray. I love myself - self acceptance is something I believe everyone should have - but is it enough?
Looking at other local bloggers (Tony Gum, Superficial Girl, Baked, Fashion Breed.. even Liam Anthony) and international bloggers (She Wears Fashion, Intrigue Me Now, COTTDS..) they're all skinny. So do I fit in this category of the fashion blogger? I believe that the size of the actual blogger shouldn't define the success of the blog, but the actual blog itself.
Self acceptance is very important. I just hope I can help another girl see that being into fashion isn't just a skinny girl thing. Yes there are moments of weakness, and I know that my lifestyle is horrific for my health. But it shouldn't define me - or you.

This is a deep post, but hopefully I got a message out to you.
All my love,


  1. Yeah I might be skinny, but we all have our flaws and we will always question whether we fit the mould or not, even I question it. It's just about knowing who you are and accepting that. Once you know who you are, you can let everyone else know. *chin up*

    1. Thank you. I truly know a lot about flaws. I want people to learn that physical appearance is not everything. Talent, personality and brains are what makes any fashionista what they are. And that is what most of the best fashion bloggers out there have. Yes, beauty is in the equation, but confidence is too. This is what I love about bloggers and people in this industry. Appreciation xx


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