Super Rich Kids.

Just got confirmation that I'm having a very important business meeting on Friday.
This means no school on Friday.
It also means that if all goes well, I could be rich enough to drop out of school - HA wishes, my mom would never allow.
Anyway, just thought I'd polyvore it up and show you what I'm going to wear on my first official Spring day - I was so busy studying this weekend I didn't go out, so this is the first time I am since Spring started.
So I'm going for a completely emo look.
I love me some black.

For makeup I guess I'll Rebel it up - it's been a while since I've worn my fave lipstick.
I miss the days when school wasn't as important as it is now.
I have a bio exam tomorrow - but here I am blogging. Old habbits die hard.


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