A Case of the Unknown.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been deeply intrigued with fashion. I would go missing, and my mom and aunt would find me playing in the rolls of fabric, putting it against my body, feeling the textures. This fascination grew with me, and made me love fashion even more, to an extreme that would take me as far as being a famous designer (my dream). 
If you’ve been to my house, you’d know that my one wall is covered from floor to ceiling with sketches, pictures of the latest fashions, colour schemes for the year, fabric swatches and makeup ideas to go with designs. This is not just an intrigue. This is an obsession.
I’m learning to sew and I get better and better each day. I’ve been blessed with industrial sewing machines, so my clothes are very professional. I always try to make my items better all the time. I have all these old labels that have been collected over the years, which I put on my clothes.
Now I may seem like I'm ranting, but all in all it's for a good cause. I'm really starting to become serious and all I want is to be successful. I want to be the next Chanel: classic, strong manufacturing, a lifetime of wear. Yet I also want to explore my Gucci side: wild, fun, sexy, ready-to-Wear beauties that can be mixed and matched to become an extraordinaire of colours, fits and styles. I want to invent a new style of fashion, something that will put me on top and make me number one. These are my goals, and I’m thankful for this every day, that I’m young.  Maybe one day I’ll be a brilliant designer, or fashion buyer for a large clothing company. Maybe one day I’ll be a psychologist. Maybe one day, I might just fall straight on my ass and I’ll just be a complete failure. But one thing that I know for sure is that I will always be, stylishly dressed. 


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