What Kind of Club Has an Open Door? (Part 1)

The past few weeks have been filled with anticipation for the 3-day event that would change our lives forever.
On February 1, 2 and 3, my fellow grade 11's and I embarked on what we now refer to, as the best bonding session we have ever experienced: Grade 11 Camp.

Day 1: We arrived at school, bags all neatly packed, all excited for our trip to Rocklands, Simonstown. We were ushered into the hall after roll call that morning, to be surprised by The Rhythm Workshop, who had set up a chairs and a bunch of plastic pipes and African drums for us to play with. It was quite an exciting thing. After our African challenge, we were then sent on our way to the campsite. A beautiful place set in Simonstown, just past Fish Hoek.

We had numerous challenges that day. However, the most memorable had to be the music challenge at the end. We were put into groups, according to our chalets (my chalet was Gecko), and we had questions to answer. The questions were all music and movie related, i.e. they'd play a clip and we'd have to answer what song or movie it was. It was quite intense because I'm a person who, when challenged, can NOT lose. It's quite a trait to deal with. Anyway, our group and another two had a tie with 39 points each. We were put into sudden death. Nevertheless, we won. And that night we had a victory party. My friend, Taahirah and I went chalet to chalet forcing people to come to our party. Was quite a success. We had music, food and dance offs.

Let's just say day 1 was a pretty memorable day (even though we went to bed at 3 the next morning and the teachers had to come up to our chalet to tell us to go sleep a few times, it was a success).


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