The BEST day of my life

Aaah, the joys of shopping.
Today, I decided to bunk school and go with my mom to town (she had a meeting there).I was walking along Long Street, buying a few bits and bobs, adding to my accesories list (I found this mean pocket watch! Super amped :)) when I found this one store (okay, I forgot the name,but bear with me, I shall put up deets later - by monday) who sells JEFFREY CAMPBELL BOOTS!!!
I thought I was going to die on the spot. My dreams of owning a pair of Lita JC's would finally come true.
Until I asked the price...that is. R2200 is quite steep when you're a non-working 10th grader.

So here's my bid.. Please help me raise the money :)
LOL, jokes.

But I will actually find a way to raise the money, it's in my genes to find a plan.

Anyways, happy monday fellow beauts.


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