Fashion and life are big part of my life. I truly love it and believe that this path will take me far in life. That is why, after high school, I will pursue a career in fashion. I hope to make a change in the industry, because fashion is not just clothing. It's a lifestyle.

My icons in fashion and growing up have always been Mary-Kate and Ashley.
They've been part of my life in movies and books and paraphernalia - call them my childhood Justin Bieber. They've really grown up and have joined the fashion circle and really have done it proud. People judge and watch tween stars who join the industry closely because we want to see if they'll do it justice. I must admit that their brands (The ROW, Olsenboye, Style Mint and Ashley's own line, Elizabeth and James) are quite brilliant and have really shown promise.
So as a tribute to my favourite child stars who have taken their millions and done it to a worthy fashion cause, here it is.
Thank you for continuing to make me happy.


Mary Kate; Ashley


Ashley; Mary Kate

Mary Kate; Ashley

Mary Kate


  1. I luv all of these inspirational images- their style is so spot on! Plus, I'm stoked to have you as part of the StyleSaint Society! ;)



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