I Can't Sleep.

It's midnight and I'm trying to study but I can't. However, I can't sleep either. I don't know what to do.
Anyway, lately I've been into the whole tribal and glitter looks (totally separate looks, but you could mix them up - which is what I love about fashion - anything's possible).
Tribal's fun because you can play with the textures and prints - you could create a soft look or a hard full on tribal. This print reminds me of the time I played with a tribal look but instead I used a striking bottle green dress and headband - many people liked it, many people didn't (probably because I was at school - all girls - and people are not as open minded about fashion as I am, or can be).
Tribal shorts and skirts are a total must have. It's a fun print and can just add a bit of pzazz to any outfit. Even just a pop of tribal is great because it just gives a great focal point to work with. Inspired by Africa Day, I'm truly loving this style!

How cute is this bustier? LOVE.
Same print - different ways to wear them.

However, glitter on the other hand is truly my favourite source to work with - EVER. It's so magical and fantastic. There's something so playful and fun about glitter that you just want to work with it and wear it all the time. It's probably more fun for me because of my eccentric personality which is clearly reflected in my dress sense - though lately I've taken a turn for the more classic things in life (but that's a post for another day). Glitter reflects light brilliantly and creates a sparkling luster making you almost glow, who wouldn't want that?
A showy splendor - a magnificent aura that's unbelievable. 

A mix of both is a mind-blowing experience for us all. I swear, mixing these two prints and styles will be so amazing, a whole new generation will be created from it. Glibal: gligh-buhl (as I like to call it) is so fantastic and is brilliant all year round. 


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