Today my I was looking at the pictures my cousin uploaded of her beautiful daughter, Iman. She lives in Dubai at the moment, so I hardly ever see her. Iman is so beautiful, she's only 1 and a half.

This got me thinking of beautiful children's clothing. Iman is totally only clad in Zara Kids (lucky!), so let's just say she has a wardrobe to die for.
I have always been fascinated by children's clothing. I've always imagined my future kids to be clad in couture and fun fashion. I love well dressed children, makes them look so beautiful and suave. I know you may be thinking, children should be comfortable and want to be able to get dirty. I'm not saying they can't, but a well dressed toddler is the cutest thing.

How beautiful is her dress? Kids don't have to be unfashionable.


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