Zara Cape Town - Review.

Today I decided to pay a visit to Zara, Cape Town.
I had to check out the hype, considering I own a few items in my closet from overseas. The first thing I noticed upon entering the Waterfront were groups of girls, each clutching a Zara shopping bag like it was the jewel of Arabia. Many of these girls were so excited chatting about their purchases.
It was one of the more interesting things I have witnessed in my lifetime.

Upon arrival at the store I had to note the fantastic decor and large open spaces. This glamorous look was somewhat of a sight and made me bubble with excitement. However, as I entered the store, I saw all these men and women clutching at items like it was the sale of the century.
Looking at the prices I realized that there was no sale, but just a bunch of fashion-whores ready to grab anything. Just ready to own something with the Zara label on it.

Not that I'm being negative but this just reminded me of my Mr Price days. Zara is just an expensive Mr Price at the moment.
No doubt the hype created was fantastic and the business made was probably brilliant, but today's sales would not be a true reflection of the upcoming months to come.

The prices are too hectic as well! I didn't expect that Zara would come up with these prices for their CT launch. At everything I saw - I guess I do this with most stores - I thought, I could make this at home...
I do realize that rent has a huge deal to do with it. But honestly now. Back in Dubai Zara is literally like Mr Price. I guess this is the adjust we have to make for living in Africa - haha, jokes.

I wish Zara well though, and as soon as the hype settles, I will definitely pop in and make a purchase.


  1. Sounds so much like my post earlier this evening...great minds think alike ;)


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