Over the past few weeks my negligence of of ADD was a bit out of control. I truly tried to post and had even lined up a few posts, but I never actually got around to post them. It was a battle of time. Either I post a quickie, without any care or anything OR I wait and until I'm 100% ready to post an info filled and thought out post.

As Ramadan closes and we end another glorious and fruitful month filled with blessings, the struggle to find something amazing for Eid arises. I could go either one of two ways. Go wild or go glam. I decided to go glam (with some wild elements). I decided on a Stella McCartney/Peter Pilotto/Parisian Glam inspired look. Something smart, but stunning. I made my own dress (of course) with the thought in mind that I want to be able to wear the dress again for other occasions.

I had to consider the fact that my shoe of choice was of course was my Jeffrey Campbell Foxy's (in nude). So I worked my outfit - slightly - around that.

I won't reveal my outfit just yet, but I will indulge a few snaps of inspiration - a mood board of you like - of my Eid dress.

Stella McCartney Inspired:

Definitely inspired by the perfect hourglass shape this dress alludes, I HAD to make my own. I, however, added my own twist. I have longer sleeves added and a knee-length dress. The curve is not the same, but more suited to my style and the fabric is completely different. 

Peter Pilotto Inspired:

As always, addicted to prints. I was definitely going to do something incorporating prints and flash. However, since it's Eid, I still want to be demure and classy. Peter P has helped me distinguish the perfect line between prints and P R I N T S.

Parisian Glam Inspired:

The effortlessness of the Parisian look inspired me to just be effortless. The way they carry themselves and the way they just look so perfect. This is my goal for Eid. Just be plain, simple, striking and fluent in my dress. Classy.


I won't promise to post more, but I will promise to put love into them.
Eid Mubarak for all my muslim readers and Ramadaan Kareem.
May everyone have a blessed Eid and a wonderful day, inshallah.



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