Ball Part 2.

It's that time again when I talk about my ideas for my matric ball (8 months) and others along the way.
To see Part 1 of the "Ball" series click, here.

There are several important factors to remember when choosing what to wear in order to make your night special and make you look your best.
These are as follows: Dress, Accessories,, Hair and Makeup, Bag, Shoes and Underwear.


When choosing a dress, you have to take into consideration many factors. The season, in which the ball is in; your skin tone; the fabric of the dress; body shape (yours); texture of the dress; matte or shine... The list is endless. However, you should need to be comfortable, but at the same time, exceptionally beautiful.
Your dress makes or breaks your night, don't let anyone fool you or tell you otherwise.
Think about it. In 10 years time you want to look back and say that your dress was a classic, and fit you brilliantly. I was looking through my school's 2004 yearbook and all the dresses looked 2004. They were all strappy and chiffony and they all had chiffon stoles on. It was just very 2004.
However, there were some girls that looked absolutely beautiful. They worked the look and made it their own.

Your dress needs to be carefully thought over, so don't rush your decision. You have a lot of time. Trends change, your body changes, your tastes change. Think about it. The photo's will be around forever, so make sure you feel amazing.

I love this dress for many reasons.  It's beautiful and clings so well, yet at the same time it falls brilliantly.
The colour is so complementing, and the detail is subtle - for those who prefer.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this. This dress would be amazing on a curvy person who loves to show them off.
This is so great because you can do so much with it. You're allowed to play with it and accessories. It's so old Hollywood.

This backless classic is fun for the night. It's quite a statement.

This is the normal style most girls go for, but this is the right way to wear it. You don't need many accessories with it. Maybe just a few bracelets. 

This dress is fantastic if you have a golden skin. It's sexy and beautiful. 

This is so hot. Not everyone can wear it, but this fire engine red is fan-flipping-tastic. It's so sexy.

This is the same as above, however, I'm such a fan of this granite. This is the colour I want for my dress.

I have a feeling I'll see a lot of backless dresses next year.

Now this is so stunning. A girl at my school wore something similar this year and she damn looked amazing. 

Old Hollywood your night up. You'll still look amazing in 30 years time.


Your accessories is the frosting on your dress. It can either make or break your dress. I see so many girls who have such beautiful dresses, but they accessorize it so wrong that they ruin the whole thing.
So know your dress. Take a swatch of fabric with when purchasing your accessories. Try them on with the dress and return them until you find the right ones. Ask peoples advice, don't just trust your own judgement. Ask people who know what they're talking about. 
But make sure you know your dress, it could be an accessory itself.
For ex.:

I can't really advise you on what accessories to wear, because I can't see your dress, however, if you do feel that you need some advice, email me:


Just like accessories, your hair can make or break your outfit. But take what kind if hair you have into consideration when deciding on a dress. Your hair is essential because it frames both your face and your dress.
Your style of hair can vary depending on it's length, and even then you could get extensions. You could either do an updo or have a loose look.
If you have a detailed back, then updo it is, however if you have a plain back, and you have stunning hair that would look good loose, then of course, that's your choice. But please, let's all agree that bridesmaid curls are not what we are going for.

Hair bows are so cute and so easy to do.


With makeup, you have to consider your best features. Then, using the themed colours of your dress, pair the two up. 
 Your makeup should really compliment your skin tone. Nothing's worse than having your makeup not match. Also. go to your makeup artist of choice and apply your makeup before the dance, then take pictures. If your face looks grey, change your brand or talk to them about it. You don't want any mishaps on the day. You want to look perfect and beautiful.


Unless you're completely mad about bags, the best and safest choice would be a subtle raw silk or leather in number in your dress' colour.
Your size if bag is up to you, but it's best not to take anything bigger than your two fists combined in height.
Your bag should be able to, however, fit your phone and emergency lipgloss/stick. Those are the only two things you'll need, apart from a camera. However it is advisable that you don't take your phone with.
 You don't want to be antisocial. If an emergency occurs, there'll be a phone in the venue. Plus a teacher will have one.
Your bag should compliment your outfit.


Just like your bag, your shoes can either be a striking piece of architecture or you could be demure about it and have a matching stiletto. Personally, I'm a shoe girl, so I'd have an amazing shoe.
Shoes are fun to play with because they don't have to wholly match your dress. It can stand out and be a statement piece. My one friend wore a bright red shoe and her dress a dusty nude. So shoes don't always have to match.


I cannot stress the importance of wearing the correct underwear. Not only will you look 100 times better, but you'll feel so amazing. The right underwear need not to be ugly and horrid.
The do's and don't's are as follows:

  • Wear frilly items which will show through the dress
  • Wear a bra that doesn't fit
  • Wear broken items
  • Wear a bright neon colour - nothing's worse than seeing your underwear under your dress
  • Wear nude or black undies
  • Wear something sexy - yet seamless
  • Look incredible with your dress on and without 


These are just a few tips I think everyone needs to know.
Check back in a few weeks time for the next installment.



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