I have been obsessing over London Fashion Week so much lately, that it's driven me to become a fashion-crazed obsessive freak.
However, this fashion week couldn't have come at a better time, sobering me up from my latest disappointment of not getting on the only matric committee I've been pining after since grade 8: Clothing Committee. This committee is the one that agrees on what design we have for our matric jacket.
It's quite odd how the school doesn't appreciate my one true talent and passion. The one girl doesn't even recognize fashion and excellent quality even if it hit her in the FACE. She wears CROCS! In PUBLIC!!!

Well, sorry for the outburst. I needed to rant a bit in a public forum, to those who probably don't care, but seriously, CROCS?
However, back to LFW.
This year hasn't disappointed. If you've been following my tweets, @aaronsdirtyd, you'll know that I've been following a close eye on some of the greatest creations ever created.

The designs, designers, patterns, unique styles... have all been closely critiqued by me and my fellow fashion forward friends. I nearly had an ajal (keeled over) at the variety and beauty of it all.

So this is my intention. Every day I'm going to do an up-to-date post on each of my favourite finds.
London fashion week is the reason I love fashion.
Seriously, it is. This year did not disappoint, and hopefully the bar will be raised as the designers keep coming!


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