Inspired by Aisha Baker's A Fashion Friend's post on Baroque looks, I decided to do my own.
Initially I intended to do a Baroque look for Eid-Ul-Adha, so I have been researching this look strenuously.
Generally, Baroque is a style that uses the rich textures and patterns of brocade and translates them into jackets/coats, dresses and so on.
This is a great look, because, since I love them, it's filled with exotic patterns and brocade in golds mixed with an array of colours. This makes an even better look because it can be translated into so many other looks. It's sneaky in a way because it can pop up anywhere in a look.
It's sophisticated and fun, and generally makes you feel fancy. 


  1. Ditto on the sophisticated part - it makes the idea of a sophisticated look sound so simple and achievable, which is such a relief.
    Love the boots in that photo too! <3


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