Sexy Night Live (SNL)

The annual event that Rondebosch Boys' hosts, Saturday Night Live, was last night. Ironically, it was on a Tuesday night - this is because Wynberg Boys' and SACS had their matric balls on Saturday - the day they were supposed to host SNL.

*a little background info: SNL is an annual event each matric year hosts in order to raise funds for their Matric Balls. They make fun of other schools, mainly Bishops (their rivals) and SACS. It's really funny - if you understand the jokes! Only girls from other schools may attend, no boys allowed!

This year, I went for the sole purpose of helping out my friends and definitely the fashion that the girls wear. It was a bit disappointing, however, I tried to seek out the best for my beautiful readers!

What I wore. This is part of my new upcoming collection! 


  1. I really love your leopard print skirt! I am a leopard print fanatic :) so gorgeous xx


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