Honey, Please Hide Yo Underwear.

I honestly think intelligence ceases to exist in most people. But you really can't help the crazy things you do when in love... 

One thing I've noticed A LOT lately is that girls, not just boys, reveal their underwear. It's disgusting and so un-classy to be honest. I see girls with beautiful dresses and their hot pink bra strap is showing. Honey, it ruins the allure of the the outfit.
Not trying to be mean, but it's the truth. And don't let me get started on the VPL. Geeezuz, it's like you don't have best friends or caring mothers the way your underwear shows.
Dressing beautifully is great, but don't let your underwear ruin a great dress or a fantastic pair of pants.
There are easy fixes to this dilemma. Namely safety pins, or sew little inserts into your shirts (just find a fabric in your shirt's respective colour and tada, sew a little hook) or JUST BUY YOUR CORRECT SIZE. It won't hurt anyone if you buy your correct size, you're just fooling yourself.

Here's hoping

No no, friend.

However a see through shirt can be hot or not.
for eg.

Supah Hot

Meh, try to avoid, yah bish?


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