Glitter Glitter, Let it RAIN

Today I was having a me day and decided to take the time to do my usual daily makeup routine, when I came across some loose glitter in drawer. Well, as you can tell (from my previous posts) I do adore in-your-face stuff. So, I experimented a bit...okay, maybe a lot. And this is the final result:
(My webcam was acting up, but this is basically what it was)

The best part is, I have this HUGE jar:

Which I bought at a craft shop for R25, vs R400 for a set of 4 pots at MAC (Glitter and Ice), which I think is a brilliant idea, though I think I will actually take MAC upon (excellent deal).

P.S. If you're wondering what on earth I'm wearing, it's my comfy amazing gown :)

So, for some more inspiration on life, heres some pictures to make this week more amazing

Haopefully I'll see you beautiful people at Assembly tomorrow? Pascal and Pearce are playing.


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