Party Time!

Okay, so I've been quiet for a while now (sorry), but I've had a hectic schedule! But I hope all you baby babies are having an awesome time. It's holidays now, so expect a few more pictures as I document my life as a Capetonian teen.
-insert excitement here-
So here are a few pictures taken at a friend’s mini end-of-year-party she and her twin had on Saturday. The pictures are taken by my good friend Juanita, who is a brilliant photographer, and few of my other friends.
I didn't get a photo of my full outfit, but I wore an oversized leopard print top (belted), a jt skirt and striped pantihose with 6 inch strappy wedges.

                        Me and Juanita (photographer and good friend), respectively
 I really hope all you guys have an amazing holiday and be safe! It's going to be a memorable one, I can tell.


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