New Beginnings

"every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end"

It's a new year and a new start. A new beginning. It's time to let go go of all our demons and move on. It's a way to become a better you and a better person, from inside out. Many of us are scared to death of change. I know I was. During this year, so many things changed, life was going ahead without me, taking me on a whirlwind adventure of being alone, yet finding a home in the most unexpected places. I lost my best friend, yet I gained so many more friends, it's unbelievable. I went through some personal issues, dealing with home life, yet I gained a family bond, greater than anyone can imagine.
This year has really made me a stronger person. Someone I wouldn't have necessarily have wanted to become before, but have grown to love now.

I wanted to start this year off with a bang. For the past week, I was stressing trying to find plans for New Years Eve, when on the last minute, an angel, in the form of a good friend of mine, saved me from spending it with not so good company. I realised then, that it's not what I do on new years, it's who I spend it with. People come and go, friends move on, family passes, but it's the way you spent the time with them that determines our destiny and how we felt about each other.

So all I'm saying is, go out in the world, live, LAUGH, be a freak in the best way possible. Don't waste time regretting things that you had no control over. Just allow yourself to be you and accept yourself. Because the only way you can move on is if you've sorted out your demons and made yourself a better person.

"what at first may appear to be an ending, is often a new beginning"


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