Make Up.

I have always been complimented on my eyes and my makeup. I would say my eyes are my best feature, mainly because I like to make them pop - I mean something's gotta pop on this face of mine.
These are just a few of the makeup styles I like - especially for Winter. I shall do a post on a few makeup techniques and styles that I do everyday and some for special occasions - I really cannot differentiate my makeup styles between the two because everyday should be a special occasion!

Regardless, here are a few pictures of what I think shall be a smashing success in eye makeup trends during the following year.

The basic smoky eye - a trend that never fails. Ultra sexy and relatively easy to do.

Playing with lines - this eye shadow is (at first glance) your basic nude with some black to add drama,
 however, the artist has added some lines to the shadow, giving the eye a more playful look, that isn't just

Gold Smoke - always a classic. Great for all skin tones, brilliant for day and night.

The strong, defined brow and thick long eyelash look - this is my absolute favourite look that I practically
do everyday. 


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