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My aunt - who's practically my other mom - just came back from Dubai. This is exciting because it always means new gifts!
She goes, practically twice a year (or more, depending on her moods), because her daughter lives there. So lets just say, I get gifts in abundance.
This time, I really didn't want anything, but she bought me some false eyelashes, because she know's I've been contemplating on using them for quite some time now.
Thing's are cheaper there, so she buys all my make up and what not over there. So in celebration of this new gift season, I shall do some tutorials (makeup and otherwise) this weekend, hopefully being able to post some as soon as they're done.
I'm really excited to be able to show you my fabulous make-up skills - haha, conceited much?

Anyway, to end off this post, I'll add some pictures of some fabulous accessories that I want for Winter - and shall buy if I find them in Cape Town.

I like this ring - it looks like it has a history.

I've always wanted a ring like this because it has a secret hidden message in it -
makes you feel like you're part of a secret hidden tribe or cult.

The Sock Bun - One of my favourite looks right now! Shall do a tutorial on this as well.

Last year my chance slipped away of owning a pair of fabulous thigh high boots!
It was all sold out by the time I came back to buy. However, my quest to find non-slutty thigh high boots are still on!

This is ridiculously cool. I really want!


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