Winter Has Arrived in my Heart.

Ah Winter. This has to be my favourite season by far. Mainly because I love to snuggle and wear warm over-sized jumpers, big fluffy socks and drink hot chocolate!
However, the reason why Winter is my absolute FAVOURITE is the fashion! Trench coats, long riding boots, over-sized jumpers and tights - there's just so much you can do in winter and make it work. Winter is also great because you can incorporate a few staple Summer items into your wardrobe, if you do it correctly. Layers can be used and never be afraid to use colour - especially in Winter, when you can brighten up someones day by adding colour to their (and your) life.

These are a few of my best Winter picks:

The "over-sized vintage blazer" - really falling in love with this after I saw someone wearing it
- too bad it was vintage, so I couldn't ask her where she bought it! Don't you love?

The statement necklace - add a bit of flare to your neckline when you don't wear a scarf

This picture is really just for the pantihose - on a daring day, you can wear your favourite mini, but just add hose!

1) the jumper
2) the biker jacket
3) The vintage blazer
4) the mini - if you dare
5) the snood - in a bright colour
6) the rider - winter essential


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