Unfortunately I have been incredibly busy this past week - and the work just keeps piling on!
School functions 'til late, upcoming exams and the extra stress if doing exceptionally well in them (to apply for university) is turning me into a nervous wreck. And to top it all off - applying to a leadership position is the ultimate cherry on top. Knowing me, applying for either head of school or head of Cavanagh (my house), is consuming my every other waking moment - I can't get more than 3 detentions a year so I'm swamped with homework.
Well this week isn't any better so I would appreciate if you could all please just bear with me and let me finish out this term without any hassle. Of course I'll post every so often but just let me breathe through this utterly trying times - excuse the over-dramatic self that is just me.
And in light of my hectic week, here are some pictures that I just love - either for the fashion or the picture itself.

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So IN LOVE with this dark lipstick 

Addicted to glitter.

Love doing my hair like this for school 

Valentino never fails

This collar detail makes my life


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