Taking a Break.

When my friend, Gabby, reminded me I have a blog, I must admit, I was quite embarrassed.
I mean, all I think about is this blog and fashion - always zoning off and sketching designs. 
I've been sneaking in little snippets of StyleSaint and Lookbook in my spare time - what little I have of it (ha ha). Anyway, I miss you readers and my blog and I owe it all to you that I post more - however I just have one more week of exams left and then I'm gonna go fashion crazy on you guys that it'll be insane. As promised, I owe you make-up inserts and hair tutorials (A'lia!). So let's just wait this week out patiently and we'll be on our way.
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To apologize for my tardiness, here's a picture of my dream love, Ryan Gosling.


  1. Thank you so much for StyleSaint shout out! I hope you some more spare time to spend on the site;)



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