Anyone and everyone who knows me, knows that I am A D D I C T E D to Jeffrey Campbell boots - the Lita's especially.
So the other day, Tiyaarah gave me a discount voucher for Zando (R200 off anything over R600), and I decided to browse for Eid shoes ('coz you know, do it now, avoid stress later). I was searching when all of a  sudden I saw "Jeffrey Campbell".
I. Nearly. Died.
I then typed in the keyword and I was directed to heaven.

Honestly though, their stock was limited so their Lita's were not my fave (they're just NOT cute), so I then opted for the next best thing, the Foxy's.
This is the style and colour I bought - when they arrive I'll do a look post! 

They're uber cute and verrrrry sexy, which is a plus! And with a 12cm heel and 6cm platform, I'll be towering over everyone (184cm tall - goodluck to me!).
I'm so friggin excited because I've been pining over JC's for the past 2 years (obsessive much?)

The best part is, is that they're much more affordable (R939 - now R739) than Journey in Long Street (R2800). So I'm happy and my mom's happy!

So you know I'll be combing through Zando until they stock the Lita's (black leather, dark brown heel)!
Much love.


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