Paris Couture Fashion Week: Biggest Trends - The Cape.

Paris Couture Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion shows of the fashion industry. These designs are taken from the runway and are then tapered down into classic everyday fashion. 

The cape is the most amazing invention ever. Remember playing as a little girl/boy acting a superhero with your cape? 
Well it's back, and even better. It's great for winter casual wear. The cape can be adapted to a cloak and be worn with tight pants and t-shirts with boots. A bright cape with with an aztec pattern is very mod. Even adding a cloak to a formal outfit for warmth and chic is very cute.

I'll be seeing cloaks for formal wear in matric balls and bridal wear. 

Great for winter, and hopefully adapted for summer. 

Also Shown: Velvet, Crystal Embellishment

Also Shown: Nude Illusion, Sheer Lace, Jewel Tones, Cinched Waist, Bows

Also Shown: Pastels, Nude Illusions, Lace, Belted Waist

Also Shown: Belted Waist, Tuxedo Reference 

Also Shown: Velvet, Floral Appliques, Belted Waist

Also Shown: Gold

Also Shown: Belted Waist

Also Shown: Sheer Lace, Nude Illusion, Belted Waist 
*All photos complimentary of FashionTV


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