This has been a hectic week. Yesterday I wrote a math test which shook me awake. I cannot believe I have less than a month until the June exams!
One lesson I definitely learnt – the hard way – is that matric is the one year that you have to sacrifice. You sacrifice time, friends, social life, family the list goes on. This is really the last chance I get to turn my life around. Granted, I am taking a gap year – to work on my fashion portfolio. I believe I can make a difference in this industry. I want to change people’s perspective of this industry. It’s not all superficial and glamorous. It’s hard work – sweat and tears. I want everyone to love fashion. To adore it the way I do. This is my motivation to work hard at school. Success is my middle name.
Another lesson learnt is that in order to be your best you have to get rid of the negative energies in your life. For me it was the people. I had to shed friends because they were no good for me. I uncluttered my life of the people who were unbeneficial to my life. It feels good to know that I only have strong support structures in my life and nothing to bring me down. 

Make positive changes in your life. You only have one. Don’t let petty people ruin it for you.
I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
Love and Blessings


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