Believe it or not, I was a ballerina as a little girl. Yes, I did ballet for several years, before my mother took me out of it. At the time I wasn't very committed to ballet and it wasn't my strong point, I was more of an academic. However, my love for ballet and dance never died, and now, as I grow older, my passion and love of the great dance can be shown in other ways. The best way that I know how: fashion!

I love the colour white; it's versatile and easy to wear in many different ways. Formally and casually.
I love pastels and feathers and all things glittery.
I love headbands: it's the easiest way to hide a hideous hair-do and it's a quick way to style up an outfit.

Ballet-inspired style is a classic and easy way to be graceful, stylish and have a sophisticated chic appearance. French embroidery, long flowing skirts, an excellent posture, and makeup that compliments your face beautifully is what makes ballet inspired fashion, amazing.

Enjoy your week darlings, make it memorable and don't waste any moment on people who dont matter.


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