Welcome To The Jungle

Honestly, my favourite song by Guns 'N Roses is "Welcome To The Jungle". Makes me feel so 80's, so sexy and grunge. Which brings me to my next point. Grunge. Sexy, crazy and fun.
The poster child for grunge, Taylor Momsen, has been my grunge inspiration for a while now, however, her style is a bit too daring for me sometimes. I love that she's so daring and doesn't care what anyone thinks about her and what she wears. Though I read something about her once about her just putting on random articles of clothing she finds in the morning. Well if that's the case, Taylor, I wish I were you.

Guns N' Roses really inspires me the most when I want to go grunge. I just play any track by them and I'm on my way to grunge/rock 'n roll world. It's a high for me I suppose. Better than any drug. I have to admit, there's nothing better for me than to get ready and dolled up to go out. Same for you?

Now grunge is a look where you have to incorporate heavy black or dark colours into your makeup somewhere. I'm a huge fan of a cranberry coloured lipstick and accenting my eye-makeup with black in the outer corners. The dress code is anywhere from full on black to (as shown above) dresses in white, pink and black.

You can go hippie, yet blacken the colours out (as shown above) or just wear (my favourite look), an over sized, white t-shirt with an ironic print, tights, leather jacket and black army boots. Add a few black and silver chains, chipped black nail polish and you're on. Don't brush your hair and black out your eyes. By then, my dear children, you have been grunged. To add an extra grunge appeal to your look? Don't smile*, wear a bored expression, and listen to music through earphones.

* As much as I don't like to encourage people not to smile, this is a case where you shouldn't.

Guys can grunge too. Ooh <3


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