Cassie's 17th Birthday

On Friday, the 16th, it was Cassie's birthday. Cassie - you may ask - is one of my good friends. She's really a special kid!
However, we couldn't really celebrate on Friday, because it was NOTS (school event) and Saturday, she was blessed enough to go to the Wynberg Boys' Matric Ball, so that was out as well.

However, since today was a Public Holiday, I suggested we do something today. So Tiyaarah, Cassie and myself went to the Waterfront.
It was a beautiful day filled with laughs and photos.
We went to Sevruga's, where we ate Sushi, Beef Fillet and Calamari. We had the most amazing dumplings as a starter - literally a taste explosion of happiness in your mouth!

We walked off the excess pounds by window shopping and looking at ideas for my new dress line - I'm really excited!

We ended off with desert at Myatts with some chocolate mousse and Häagen-Dazs with meringue and fruit.

It was a splendid day, and I really enjoyed it. And I know Cass and Tiy did as well!
Happy Birthday schnoeks.

P.S How did you spend your Human Rights Day?


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