FINALLY. The weekend had arrived in which I could go out and not feel guilty about going out (because of exams and such - I am now free 'til the second term starts again).
Friday I was pretty pooped, so I decided to have a relaxation day, and after my last session of boot-camp, it was well deserved.
Saturday, however, my school had a fair, of sorts, called Wacky Wheels - there was a race in which you and parents could take their cars and do an amazing race sort of adventure. I never took part of the race, but I did go to the stands selling: clothes, books, food, jewelry, make-up, toys ... you name it, we had it. It was quite a ball.
Afterwards, my friends and I went for lunch at the new Primi in Cavendish. It was brilliant, going out with the girls and making jokes - just general fun. We really had a great time!

The day was ended off by desert (we shared one of their decadent brownies with ice-cream and cream - some of the girls wanted either) and we went home. All in all it was really a lot of fun.

Hopefully you beauties had a brilliant weekend too.

We really didn't plan this.


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