The Well Dressed Boy.

The first thing I look at when I look for a boy, is how well they're dressed.
I must say, a guy in a well fitted suit (formal or casual) turns me on so hard, I'm amazed I can compose myself appropriately.
There's something, blood pumpingly, weak knee, I-can't-stand-anymore about a guy that can dress. And I'm not talking about these colour skinny (that's so baggy I can see the skid-marks on your underwear), "obey" cap wearing douchebags that Cape Town seems to be filled with. I'm talking true, sophisticated dresser. When your clothes fit, when they're clean (trust me, us women can tell when you're not clean - it makes a HUGE difference), and that arrogant swagger that you walk with and you just know you look good. I'm talking wearing casual fitted suits, jackets, cardigans, fitted pants, t-shirts without derogatory slogans about women as sex objects. Cologne that doesn't suffocate me and neat but messy hair.
I'm not saying become a preppy scumbag, but just pride in how you look when you leave the house is something any girl would appreciate. You know you're a great dresser when your girlfriend decides to change her wardrobe to be as equal as you.
For an example think Scott Disick. Yes, I'm talking that formal. You don't have to buy a cane or anything now, just take pride in what you do. You may not be the best looking boy, but if you dress well, you will turn heads (guaranteed).
Just one more piece of advise - please don't ever buy a bright coloured shirt - ever (i.e. a bright turquoise shirt)
Colour shirts just don't go. With ANYTHING.


Who said hipster was a bad thing?


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