I'm Writing History Tomorrow..

I should really be studying, but no.
Ah, History.

I met Nicci St Bruce and Paul Ward (from Bitches Must Know - if you didn't know that, then I don't know anymore) today. They are all so good-looking.
Can't wait to receive the BMK crew neck :D
I actually bought it for my brother, but I like it more, so I'll end up owning it - I'm so sneaky (mwahahaha!).
I'm rambling on about nonsense. Sigh.
I wish I had a camera with me today, I saw such amazing street fashion in the CBD.
I was all hippy-like. With a twist of gangster. And again, I should've had a camera with, so I could show you.

Fordism - the practice of being able to afford the products you make.
Just before the economic crisis in America (The Great Depression), Ford created the notion that their workers should be able to make enough to own a Ford car. This was later coined as Fordism.

You see, I have been Studying. I remembered that useless fact without re-consulting my textbook.

I'm out!

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