St. Lucia - September.

The funny thing about life is that it takes you by surprise. You never know whats going to happen, let alone when. So this is a dedication to the people who are living life as it comes. Because let's face it, life's too short to live wondering what's going to happen next.

Fashion is an experiment. It's something you can try and play with and eventually find a new style. My whole life I've been experimenting with fashion and styles. I guess it's my personality that helps me to be a fashion chameleon. I love experimenting and being wild. However, right now, my personality is changing to that of a more calmer state. I want to be able to reflect a more classic way of dressing. I'm talking tailored clothing. Classic pants, shirts, tailored skirts. It's a new me and I want to reflect it.
I got this mindset of dressing when I was looking at a Guy Laroche fashion show, on FTV. His brilliant portrayal of classic tailoring mixed with strong cuts and some bold colours made me want to adopt this way of dressing.

Wish me luck in my new style change. Let's hope I can actually keep it!


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