I'm Sorry For The Heartbreak.

Yes, I know I've been quiet for a while, and it's not entirely my fault. Schoolwork has just been hectic and I had 4 major exams this week. So I was BUSY! Haha, anyway, enough about the complaints, here's what really matters.

I've never done an outfit post, so this is a major milestone for A.D.D! So in light of all this I shall do a Valentines day post.
Aah, V-Day. A day we spend our money frivolously for the ones we "love" in order to get laid. Don't get me wrong, I love, love and always will. I'm a complete hopeless romantic and I believe we all meet the one we love someday. Love is a beautiful gift bestowed upon us; however Valentines Day is just ridiculous! I mean come on! If you love someone, or at least like them, Valentines day shouldn't be the only day you shower your loved-one with gifts. Love should be celebrated everyday! And on that note, let's celebrate the reason we all visit my blog: to celebrate fashion!

What I wore: Vintage cardigan (mom's), Oversized bag (Dubai), Lilac tank-dress (I made it myself), Gold gladiator sandals (Woolworths)

I just loved the jumpsuit my friend, Tayla, wore!

Best part about having civvies at school? Asking to take pictures of girls' outfits!

Hope all you lovely fashion-goers had a brilliant Valentines Day!


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