Red Lipstick

 You walked over swiftly, looking at me with those big green eyes.
 You were so sexy, I couldn't help but stare.
 Every single guys' eyes were on you, but you had yours glued on mine.
You're perfect:
Those long legs - tanned to perfection.
Those full red lips - pouted to maximum sexiness.
Your hair, so long as it swayed around your waist in perfect waves.

You downed your drink.
I swallowed. Never been nervous before - untouched territority.
You looked directly into my eyes. Piercing green eyes.

You leaned in.
I parted my lips.
We touched.
I pulled you in.
You never hestitated.
That pointy tongue swirled in my mouth. Playing with me. Teasing strokes.

You pulled at my bottom lip, nibbling away.
I opened my eyes. Saw you staring.
Sending shockwaves through my body.
You were amazing.

I pulled away. You pulled away.

I felt you patting my pocket in my dress.
You smiled.
You walked away.

They all stared.


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