The Oscars. A glamorous occasion to dress up, make yourself gorgeous and win awards (if nominated).
Every year when I watched the Oscars, or read about it the next day, I never actually cared about the awards. It was the fashion that got me. I would look at them and think to myself, how do these designers do it? Their inspiration is astounding and their creations are magnificent. A piece of art. Something I aspire to do one day (inshallah - in God's will). And after each show I'll scrutinize my favourites and I'll admire the detailing in each of them.  Maybe one day a celebrity will wear one of my creations for the Oscars? Who knows?

These are my top 12 dresses for 2012:

Angelina Jolie - The ONLY person I know, who makes velvet look good.  

My Number One favourite. Utter elegance, class and sophistication. The white just compliments her so well. And the jewelry chosen goes with her outfit brilliantly. This is a true winner.


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