What Kind of Club Has an Open Door? (Part 2)

So I’ve been MIA for a few days and I haven’t posted in a while, sorry!
Day Two: So I wake up, exhausted! We only had two hours of sleep, because the night before we had hectic DMC’s (deep meaningful conversations) which ended up with tears, laughter and a serious eye opener. This camp really made me see things, life, in a completely different view. Made me understand that people, who I thought were perfect in my eyes, have stuff, more than meets the eye.
Thursday was a bit banal at first. We had leadership seminars, which helped me realise my goals and helped me define them even more. However, after lunch, we were given a house play challenge. Our school is split up into eight houses:  Apsley (green), Cavanagh (pink – MY house), Copenhagen (red), Constantia (orange), Kirsten (black), Silverlea (purple), Waterloo(blue) and Wellesley (yellow). The girls that are in each house had to put on a 5-10 minute play. Let’s just say it was quite a challenge!
Girls in my group had weird ideas, however, in the light of my beautiful friend, Taahirah, idea’s, we did a pirate ship theme. It was a comedy drama and I played the main character in his old age. Needless to say (let me toot my own horn), I put on a brilliant performance, aided by my uncanny ability to cry on the spot.

Day Three: This day just tied the whole camp together. We had a forum on our job shadow project, which I still need to find people (hopefully Glamour will take me on!)

The camp was one of the best experiences I have had. It’ll be a memory that’ll last me a lifetime. I’m so glad that I had this experience, because it just helped me become (or at least help me start becoming) the person I want to become.  

Above and Below: Holding an impromptu dance session on the second night.


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