In 9 months time it shall be my matric ball. I know what you're thinking, but 9 months goes by so fast. I can barely believe how fast time went since I began grade 10 to now. Anyway, over the next 9 months I shall be documenting the process of finding the right dress, hairstyle and not to mention: date!
To be honest I'm a little nervous on the date aspect because where am I going to find a guy who's at least 1.9m, looks excellent in a suit and have the right combination of charm and subtle good looks (I have been toying with the idea of posting a youtube video, Kelsey de Santis style, to Ryan Gosling - haha). I'm quite tall, and on my special night I want to be able to wear ankle breakers and not let any one judge.
This shall be a tiresome experience I can tell because of the added pressure of everyone expectations. I have a deed to fulfill. Another reason I'm starting early on this journey is because many of my friends are going to matric balls this year and I want to help them with inspiration. If it's your matric ball, email me with suggestions and tips, or if you want advice email me still (
Right now my idea is to go for something classic and stylish. No fancy embellishments or anything. Just simple.
My celeb to watch out for is Kim Kardashian, and even though she may not be an excellent role model, that woman can dress! Not to mention her couture wardrobe is to DIE for. However, for my body shape and size, Adele is my go to girl for anything sexy and fabulous.
Dress wise, my biggest fret is looking modest, but not slams. As much as I'm a proud Muslim, there's a limit to how Muslim a dress should be, if you know what I mean. 

I should probably set the record straight for my grade, some rules to abide by for the beautiful girls. I only want the best for them.

  • Consider your skin tone. Go to a designer or professional to find out what colours work for you.
  • Go to a designer. It's their job to help you, and you'll be able to figure out something perfect for the occasion, plus you'll avoid the situation of wearing the same dress.
  • Wear the right underwear - it makes a world of difference.
  • Consider your partner. He's an important accessory. 
  • Get your makeup done beforehand. 
  • Get a tan the day before. I've seen the many disasters that have happened because of this.
  • Do buckles. Enough said.
Be prepared for the next 9 months. It shall be insane.

I loved the style, not the colour

I really want my hair to be like this

Really crazy over the shall on the lemon dress

Wear underwear that'll flatter and form

I really want my friend Tiy to wear this. She has the perfect body for it.

This was my original idea for hair and makeup. What do you think? 


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