Peter Pilotto - Pre Spring/Summer 2013

Ah, Summer. After today I reminisced over the joyous days of trekking around Town, whole day, without getting soaked. However, I do love me a good Winter.
I came across the amazing new collection by Peter Pilotto, that I HAD to just share. They're beautiful and bold - two of my favourite aspects in a new collection. I love how he incorporated bold Aztec(cy) and kaleidoscopic designs in these garments without looking too B O L D. The use of either formal or informal balance is just perfect, making these guys a dream team. The brilliant mix of line and colour just makes these dresses something I would instantly get my hands onto as soon as they arrive in Cape Town - (IF they arrive in Cape Town). The way Pilotto uses contemporary designs for the actual dress and adds the brilliant mix of panache and je nes se quois just makes me so giddy with excitement. Each design has its own unique story behind it. It's designers like these that makes me crave to become a designer or to at least work in fashion seriously. Pilotto's brilliant on take of these dresses is a true inspiration - someone to look out for.

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